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Friday, October 11, 2013

Taking tea with...Kadee McDonald (Regency writer) + Giveaway

Ms. S is definitely on her best behaviour this month as another wonderful Regency writer, KADEE McDONALD, presents her calling card! 

A big Texas “Howdy!” to my guest this week, author Kadee McDonald. Do they drink tea in Texas, Kadee, or is it coffee all the way? I would hope as a lady with such strong ties to English history that you don’t mind a tea? If so, which is your favourite and I will have my butler brew us a pot.

People in the U.S. in general, and Texas specifically, are big coffee drinkers, but I’ve always preferred a nice “cuppa” myself. English breakfast tea, if you have it, would be lovely…two sugars, no cream. 

You grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast, a long way from the green fields of England. Who was the greatest influence on your love of English history and why?

That’s a hard question because I can’t remember ever *not* being an Anglophile. I probably first noticed the music…the Beatles were a bit before my time, but my early years by the radio brought me the likes of Rod Stewart, Cat Stevens and Elton John. I was also a fan of the movies and historical movies, specifically, even though I didn’t realize as a young girl that they were often highly inaccurate portrayals of history. PBS, our Public Broadcasting television here in the U.S., was also a big influence, airing what we call “mini-series,” such as Poldark, The Duchess of Duke Street, and Upstairs, Downstairs. When I got up in the middle of the night to watch Lady Diana marry Prince Charles, with all the pomp and grandeur of the occasion, I was “hooked” for good. 

(AS...all my faves too. LOVED the Duchess of Duke Street. Less keen on the remake of Upstairs Downstairs... I suspect we are probably "of an age" Ms. McDonald!)

Did you study History at college? If not what was your field of study? What do you do now?

My degree is in broadcasting, but I also took so many history courses that just completing one or two more would have given me a second degree in history. My regular job now is working for one of the large entertainment companies in Los Angeles…but definitely behind the camera and not in front of it! (AS Sounds like a dream job. Remind me to ask you more about that next time!)

Have you visited England? 

Regretfully, no, time and funds have never allowed me to travel to Europe. When I do, I hope to go for an extended visit…starting with a week or so in London and then renting a car and driving out into the country, visiting all the castles and landmarks I’ve read so much about…Hampton Court, Stonehenge, Chawton (of course), Bristol and Bath, to name a few.

In your opinion, what do you think the great attraction of the Regency period is for American readers?

There’s a “surface gentility” in the customs and manners of the early 1800’s in England that most Americans have never experienced…coming-out balls, morning calls, and the entire system of aristocratic ranks and titles and such. And although debutantes and royalty aren’t parts of our lives here, I think they’re wonderful fun to read about!

I see one of my feline friends has joined us...just move him! I believe you are also haunted by two feline muses...

These are my two “rescue kitties,” the mother-and-daughter duo of Izabella and Juliana, who take over my most comfortable reading chair whenever I’m hard at work on my computer.  =^..^=

(AS One of mine prefers to sit right on top of the keyboard. I WISH he occupied the reading chair!)

You have two “regency” titles recently published with Aurora Regency, an imprint of Musa Publishing – Marisa’s Choice and An Arranged Valentine.  What was the inspiration behind Marisa’s Choice?

“Falling in love with the boy next door” is a common theme in American romance stories (including my own!) While consuming the hundreds (possibly thousands!) of Regencies I began reading years ago by authors such as Georgette Heyer, Barbara Cartland, Joan Smith, and many others, I wondered how the “boy next door” (or in Marisa’s Choice, “the boy on the neighboring estate”) scenario might play out in Regency times. What if, instead of meeting on the dance floor at Almack’s, the heroine and hero have known each other most of their lives? What if he’s the brother of her best friend?

I hope you’ll relate to Marisa falling in love with William, “the boy next door.” 


A determined young Regency lady...three eligible true love.

Marisa Landon agrees to a whirlwind London Season because it seems to be the only way to prove to William Wycliffe that their lifelong friendship can turn into something more. She has loved Will since she was only fourteen. Now that she’s grown up and he’s returned from the war, she’s more determined than ever to make him her own.
But first, Marisa must deal with her step-father’s attempt to engage her to an eccentric viscount and the unexpected attentions of Will’s best friend, a charming young earl who can offer her wealth and status.
What will Marisa choose to do if Will won't offer for her?

MARISA'S CHOICE is available from Aurora Regency, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords 

And a litte more about Kadee McDonald...

Sometimes I wear leather, but a piece of my heart will always belong to the muslin and lace of the Regency, so I decided to try my hand at writing a traditional Regency romance. The result was Marisa’s Choice, my first book with Aurora Regency and Musa Publishing. After that came my first novella with Aurora, An Arranged Valentine. I hope you’ll enjoy reading both of them as much as I did writing them.

Find Kadee  on Twitter (@KadeeMcDonald) or Facebook (KadeeMcDonaldAuthor) or visit her website for updates

Ms. McDonald is offering a  giveaway of an e-book copy of either Marisa’s Choice (novel) *or* An Arranged Valentine (novella) to one random commenter. We look forward to hearing from you!

 Were you ever in love with a boy from your school or from your neighborhood?