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Friday, October 4, 2013

Taking tea with... Georgiana Louis (Regency Writer)

This is my month for taking tea with Regency Romance writers. In a becoming frippery of muslin and lace, I am delighted to welcome Georgiana Louis <Here Ms. Stuart curtsies appropriately - she is very well trained in Regency manners>.

The maid has brought in the tea tray so it is my pleasure to pour us two bowls of tea. Ms. Louis do you have a favourite blend that I can provide for you?

Peppermint tea would be wonderful please! 

<AS. Hmmm...did they have peppermint tea in Regency times?>

Now we are settled, let's chat. In your “real” world you are a chiropractor. What led you to that particular choice of profession? What do you love about it?

What don’t I love about it, would probably be a shorter list. 

Well, when I was in Year 11, I went to a Health Sciences night at my school and my mother pushed me to attend the Chiropractic talk as well as the Physiotherapy one that I wanted to see. The physio spent the whole time talking about money and the chiropractor told us of all the patients he had helped over his forty year career. 

I love the fact that Chiropractic has a true philosophy and that it’s completely natural. We know that the brain and nervous system control everything from your immune system, to the movement of your toes. As chiropractors we believe that if you keep the spine healthy- which is the gate keeper for all of those electrical messages from the brain- then the body will function optimally.

I get to adjust old people, young people, elite athletes, everyone. And I don’t generally stop when they are out of pain. My favourite patients are those that come in once a month for their ‘tune up’ because they know that keeping their spine healthy will increase their quality of life. It’s truly awesome.

<AS. You have reminded me that I need a 'tune up'...a week of sleeping on the ground in central Australia has played havoc with my back!>

You are an extremely versatile writer, moving easily between contemporary and historical settings? Do you have a preference ie do you prefer writing the historical or the contemporary stories?

Honestly, it depends on my mood which I write and which I enjoy more. I started out with historical because it was all I used to read. Specifically the Regency period, but now I write whatever story comes to me which is at present, contemporary.

You have two contemporary stories in publication. Any more contemporary novels planned?

Yes. England or Bust is a contemporary short story due out in December with Steam eReads. It’s really cute and I will continue to write as the muse hits.

Who or what sparked your interest in history?

The amazing works of Sabrina Jeffries, Eloisa James, Julia Quinn and Karen Hawkins. I started reading their books and just had to write one too.

Your historicals are set in the Regency period. What is it, in your opinion, about this period that inspires such a following among readers?

I can only tell you what I love about that period and it certainly isn’t the clothes- quite horrible really. I personally love it because you are in the world of Duke’s and Earls, there’s something so grand about the world of the aristocracy. But also, it was the time when love matches first came into ‘fashion.’ Thirty years before that, all aristocratic marriages were arranged and I love watching a Regency man struggle against expectation and loving a woman of ‘lower rank.’ It was also the era that wife’s were considered more than just a decorative piece for your house. Women of ‘conversation’ became more popular and I of course love that!

I am particularly interested in your “Spares” series. Book number 1 (with a  gorgeous cover!) THE RELUCTANT DUKE is out. What is the premise behind this series and what do you mean by “The Spares”?

Well, my original idea behind the series came from the saying ‘an heir and a spare.’ ie. An aristocratic family would aim to have two sons so that if one died then there was another to inherit, as female children couldn’t. So I imagined four friends, all spare sons to rich aristocratic families. None of the men want the responsibility or the title and yet one by one they inherit and of course make beautiful matches along the way.

All four men are quite different and they have equally different heroines.

The reluctant Duke is my sweetest story and has my sweetest heroine- Annabelle. My women…and my men seemed to get more firey as I wrote them.

When can we expect Book Number 2, THE RUINED MARQUIS?

Hopefully soon,(probably November) The tentative release date has already passed me by.

For more information on GEORGIANA LOUIS and her books, visit her WEBSITE.


Colin Lyre, recently inherited 10th Duke of Lincoln, has been told his whole life that he is superfluous to his family.  
When he must deal with the responsibility and stress that comes with his new title, he flounders rather badly. He is determined do his ‘duty’’ and marry an ‘appropriate Duchess.’   
Life throws Colin’s plans wayward when he rescues the beautiful Annabelle from a ball. She makes him realize how much better his life could be, but he doesn’t know if he truly deserves such happiness.  
Annabelle wants nothing to do with the responsibility of marrying a title. She simply wants to make a suitable match with a gentleman who can support her family.  
Colin is Annabelle’s perfect prince until she realizes what life as his life would be like. However, making the rational decision to stay away from one another is much harder than either of them expects.
MS LOUIS is generously offering a giveaway of THE RELUCTANT DUKE to a lucky commenter. Come into my parlour and tell us why you love Regency Romance?

As a special treat Ms. Louis will now read to us, an extract from the up and coming THE RUINED MARQUIS.

This is Archie and Victoria’s story and is riddled with guilt, passion and long standing love. Enjoy.

Archie moved over to Victoria and went down on his knees in front of her. He reached for her hands and clasped both of hers in his. She looked up at him with tear stained eyes and his heart did a little misstep.

“Marry me,” he urged, squeezing her hands for emphasis.

“No.” Victoria looked horrified by such a proposal. 

“Yes,” he insisted, holding onto her hands when she would have pulled away.

Archie heard a growl behind him, knowing it was John and he also knew he had only seconds left before a fist was landing somewhere in his body.

“I love you. I have loved you since you were sixteen years old and debuted in the most horrible white dress I have ever seen. Marry me, please.”

MS LOUIS is generously offering a copy of THE RELUCTANT DUKE to a lucky commenter, so please step into my parlour and tell us WHY DO YOU LIKE REGENCY ROMANCE?

Archie had so much more to say but he felt the hands pulling at him and he let go of Victoria’s hands so that he could confront his friend.

John and Rupert pulled him to his feet and spun him around.

“Why are you offering to marry her Archie?” John asked, his face a mixture of fear, anger and trepidation.

“Because I love her, I have always loved her. I just didn’t want to offer for her when my family’s name was so badly ruined. But now, I have no choice, I must.” He spoke with conviction and although Victoria’s heart did a little dance when he confessed that he loved her, it also broke a little at the knowledge that he felt that he had to marry her.

“You’re offering to marry her, despite the baby? Or because of the baby?” John asked, his face showing signs of hope and fear warring.

Archie took a deep breath and told the truth, knowing full well what was going to happen, and he deserved it.

“Both…It’s my baby,” he announced quietly although the stillness in the room meant the words echoed as though he had shouted.

John’s fist ploughed directly into his jaw causing Archie to spin backwards.

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