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Friday, June 13, 2014

From Rome to the Outback - the world of Eva Scott

It is always a pleasure to welcome one of my peripatetic writing friends to take tea with me. Eva Scott is an Australian writer of contemporary, coastal and historical romances and a stable mate of my publisher Escape Publishing. 

She may have a branding problem... but I prefer to call it diversity of subject! Whatever Eva Scott book you pick up you will love!

Welcome to my tea table, Eva. What is your preference? English Breakfast or something a little more exotic!

I’m rather partial to French Earl Grey – smells heavenly and tastes delicious.
(AS: I confess I have never tried French Earl Grey... it certainly looks pretty but does it have bergamot?)

You have lived and worked “overseas” but I am intrigued… where have you lived and what took you to foreign parts?

Love took me to Britain where I lived for 6 years (not with the same man I hasten to add). Boredom took me to Papua New Guinea. I was in a job I hated so I emailed everyone I knew and asked if anyone knew of a job for me. An old friend from my London days was living in PNG and there was a job…so I went…

And how did you meet your husband?

…and met the love of my life who was stationed in Port Moresby with the Australian Defence Force. It was pretty well love at first sight although it took us several years to actually get together.  Now he’s a writer too!

I thought I had difficulty putting a “label” on what I write but you are quite diversified… contemporary, coastal and historical romance (not all in the same book!).  How do you describe yourself and of the sub genres you write in, which really holds your passion!

Loads of people say you must define your brand – and on paper I agree with them.  I saw Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love) speak once about story ideas being like birds which come to roost with you. If you don’t manifest them they leave and find someone else who will. All the stories which come to roost with me are very different from one another. Which means my branding is a train wreck! I really must do something about that…

You seem to be working on several stories at the same time. How does your writing process work?

I have a 3 year old boy so my process goes like this – put the computer on the kitchen bench and leave it on, opened on the current MS, write in snatches whenever there is a chance. Luckily for me my little lad is independent and doesn’t need my constant attention. In fact he often tells me to go away and work on ‘combuter’.  In the early stages of developing a storyline I do lots of character work and some basic plot work. I find that despite my best intentions my characters often ignore the plotline and do their own thing.
(AS:  I didn't start writing until my children were well past that stage. I think I would have driven myself around the bend!)

I love the concept of your Roman historicals,  THE LAST GLADIATRIX and THE BARBARIAN BRIDE which revolve around the concept of female gladiators. Where did the idea for these stories come from and will there be any more in the series?

THE LAST GLADIATRIX was completely different when I first wrote it. Titus was a god disguised as a Centurion. It was awful. The rewrite is much better and some say Titus is my best hero ever. BARBARIAN BRIDE spun off of THE LAST GLADIATRIX in response to a request from my editor to know what happened to Klara, a minor character. The very last book in the series (currently being polished) is about one of the hero’s sister, Alexandra, and how she navigates the treacherous waters of Roman society when she finds herself alone and under threat.

Moving away from the world of Roman Gladiators back to the present, I know you are very excited about the re-release of your three contemporary stories, THE RELUCTANT WEDDING PLANNER, MARRIAGE MAKEOVER and T'WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. How did this come about? 

These three books were my first foray into writing. The Reluctant Wedding Planner originally made the finalist list for the Romance Writers of Australia's Emerald Award before being contracted by Musa Publishing. Another two books followed and this year Musa Publishing decided to give them some new covers and let them loose on the world once more. My editor has a soft spot for Marriage Makeover while T'was The Night Before Christmas got terrific reviews on the college circuit. There is something for everyone in this trilogy and I'm delighted they've been given a fresh life.


Dr Camden James is a rural vet, not a wedding planner, so he quickly feels out of his depth when, in a fit of generosity, he offers to glam up his sister's budget wedding in a secret move designed to surprise her. With only six weeks to make this the wedding of his sister's dreams he needs to move fast.
Stumbling around in the largely female world of weddings he gets a lead on the go-to girl for wedding flowers - Georgiana Mac Intyre. Georgi, reeling from a very public breakup, is not interested in men in anyway shape or form. Not even super-cute vets - even when they are clearly interested in her. 
Cam shamelessly uses his story to get her to help. It has all the elements; romance against the odds, true love, orphans (you can't have good story without an orphan or two), and a bride.

Nick and Talia Carmichael were childhood sweethearts. Grief over the death of their baby daughter from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome crushed their marriage. Talia moved to a new city, with a new career and life. Now it’s time to close the door on the past and ask Nick for a divorce.
Nick has other ideas. Once his wife, always his wife. He has no intention of letting Talia off so lightly and proposes terms and conditions to his agreement. It will mean moving back into their marital home, and force her to face long buried grief. Can she do as he asks?
Being with Nick causes her to question everything she thought was true. Has she made a mistake thinking her love for Nick is dead? Can he still love her? More importantly, can he again trust after everything they’ve been through?

During her Christmas Eve performance, part time Burlesque dancer Miss Ginger Snap looks out into the crowd to see her first and only love, Clay Roberts. The man who broke her heart and betrayed her. The man who caused her to flee her home town to Sydney and never look back. Desperate to avoid him, she makes a mad dash for the last train back to her home town in time for Christmas.
For Clay time stands still as he recognises the dancer. He’s certain it’s Jessica King. She ran out on him at their high school graduation and he’s been searching for her ever since. After missing her train, Clay convinces Jessica to travel home with him.
Can Clay convince his one true love to give him the opportunity to atone and a second chance? Can Jess risk being hurt again by the man she loved?

Eva lives on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland Australia in the town which brought the world the Bee Gees. When she’s not writing romance you can find her out on the water kayaking, fishing or swimming. When on dry land it’s all about the shoes and the coffee (and old Bee Gees records).

You can find Eva on her Website, Facebook and Twitter

Her books are available directly from MUSA PUBLISHING or Amazon (see direct Links below)