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Friday, June 27, 2014

Regency with the heat turned up... Meet Amy Rose Bennet

It is always exciting to interview a debut "new to you" author.  Amy Rose Bennett has always wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. An avid reader with a particular love for historical romance, it seemed only natural to write stories in her favourite genre.  She has a passion for creating emotion-packed—and sometimes a little racy—stories set in the Georgian and Regency periods. Of course, her strong-willed heroines and rakish heroes always find their happily ever after.

Amy is happily married to her own Alpha male hero, has two beautiful daughters, a rather loopy Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Devonshire Rex cat with attitude. 
Ms. Bennet, you are most welcome to join me today. I love your author picture but I suspect that is a cup of coffee you are clutching… so what will it be today, coffee or tea?

Most definitely coffee, Ms. Stuart if you don’t mind. And thank you so much for having me. (Although I might be tempted to partake in a gin and tonic with you if it’s later in the day…I have some Tanqueray Ten stashed nearby… ) And thank you also for your kind remarks about my author picture. This photo has special significance for me as it was taken on an overseas holiday in Scotland—a happy snap at breakfast whilst staying at a Victorian hunting lodge in the Speyside area. I so love Scotland.
(AS:  Oooh... Tanqueray 10 is my favourite! George, fetch the tonic water and the slices of lemon!)

What or who inspired your love of historical fiction and do you have a particular period of history you are passionate about?

Charlotte Brontë was the writer who inspired my love of historical fiction—which I suspect is the case for many other historical authors! (AS: It certainly was with me... Jane Eyre remains my "go to" story)

I have a vivid childhood memory of seeing a 1970’s movie version of Jane Eyre. I was so entranced by the story, I borrowed the book from my primary school’s library and read it (I think I was only 9), probably not understanding half of it I’m sure. Nevertheless, I just loved the characters and the gothic nature of the story. I’ve been enamoured of historical set novels ever since.

I love reading and writing stories set in the Regency and Georgian periods. I particularly love anything and everything to do with the Jacobite Rebellion—the ’45. Scottish history, the clan system and the rugged beauty of the country fascinate me. I recently discovered that my great grandmother was Scottish so perhaps that helps explain my obsession…plus who doesn’t love a Highlander in a kilt? (AS: As long as he's had a bath!)

Holyrood Abbey, Scotland
What kicked off the decision to stop tinkering and start writing seriously?

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take some time out from my usual day job as a Speech Pathologist in 2012, so it was then that I decided to finish writing my first book—a Jacobite Rebellion tale—that I’d started 8 years before. It just felt like the right time to give into my inner muse. I’m so glad I did!

Is there still a ‘day job’ to distract you from writing?

I worked last year, but for now I’m just focusing on my writing. I’m looking at moving interstate at the end of this year so I’ll most probably go back to my day job, in my new location. But now I’ve written two full length novels, two novellas with a third book on the way, I know I’m completely addicted to writing and will keep at it, regardless.

You are an emerging historical romance writer… That all important “first toe in the door” is your steamy historical novella, AN IMPROPER PROPOSITION.  Do you enjoy writing on the hot side… and do you think that will be the path your writing will take you? 

AN IMPROPER PROPOSITION—published by Steam eReads—is a story that I wrote for a bit of fun, as well as to challenge myself to write something that was a little different i.e. a short story that was essentially an erotic romance. My other two novels are both over 100, 000 words with quite complex plot lines.

I definitely prefer reading and writing stories in which the bedroom door is left wide open. I love how a really well-written love scene has so many layers to it—it’s not just about describing the physical side of the relationship. There’s a certain challenge (for me as a writer) in ensuring the scene furthers the plot in some way, as well as showing how the emotional connection develops between the hero and heroine. AN IMPROPER PROPOSITION’s love scenes are a tad hotter than the scenes in my other stories—although not by much. I don’t see myself becoming solely an erotic romance author though. I have too many full-length stories running around inside my head!

When I look at the formidable number of contests in which you have been successful in a very short period, apart from being green with envy,  I cannot help but wonder how long until we see your “Dark Regency” LADY BEAUCHAMP’S PROPOSAL on our bookshelves?

LOL! I have entered quite a few contests haven’t I? Not only have I grown as a writer through entering contests, I certainly think that my successes have helped me on my journey to publication. Which leads me to say I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve recently signed with Secret Cravings Publishing! LADY BEAUCHAMP’S PROPOSAL –a full length ‘Regency noire’ style novel—is scheduled to be released in August this year. I can’t wait!
(AS: Excellent news! Congratulations!)

Fraternizing with one’s footman—no matter how young and handsome he is—is not the done thing…but Lady Bianca Wells is going to do it anyway…
Widowed countess Lady Bianca Wells secretly lusts after her much younger, rakishly handsome footman Harry Blake. Even though he has been in her employ for six months, she has not succumbed to her indecorous urges to take him as a lover… until one wicked night at an isolated country inn when she throws caution to the wind and offers Blake a wholly improper proposition.
Harry Blake, the bastard son of a duke and governess, is the epitome of the perfect footman, except for one thing—he fantasizes about seducing his beautiful mistress. When Lady Wells proposes that they become lovers for one night only, he is torn. Even though he wants her with every fiber of his being, he suspects that forbidden fruit once tasted, can be awfully addictive. He wonders if one night of passion will be enough, for either of them—especially now that he realizes he might very well be falling in love with his bella Bianca.
But when all is said and done, Blake can hardly refuse such a tempting proposition, no matter how unwise or improper. He just prays that he can put a smile on his mistress’s beautiful face…

AN IMPROPER PROPOSITION is available from SteameReads, Amazon and all reputable Ebook retailers. 

You can visit Amy Rose Bennett at her website Facebook or follow her on Twitter
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