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Thursday, August 1, 2013

SECRETS IN TIME is out in print...

HOOZAH... The print edition of SECRETS IN TIME (with a lovely new cover) is now out...and available for purchase on line for Aus$14.99 plus postage.

Click HERE to order your copy...

The ebook is available for US$3.49 from AMAZON and all good ebook retailers.


When Nathaniel Preston stumbles into Dr Jessica Shepherd’s garden, she is reluctant to believe he has crossed more than three hundred years to seek her help. He must help her understand why he has travelled from the midst of civil war to the quiet English countryside of the twentieth century.

But is falling in love with him destined to end in heartbreak? Jessica knows he must return to his own time and face certain death in battle.

Why has Nathaniel been sent to find Jessica? Can their love survive a bloody battle…and overcome time?