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Friday, July 5, 2013

Taking tea with...Anna Campbell (and a Giveaway!)

Welcome to this week's Taking Tea with Ms. Stuart.

I am delighted to welcome one of my most favourite writer pals with whom to share a good cup of tea and the odd cucumber sandwich -- the marvellous award winning, regency writer Anna Campbell.

It is my particular pleasure to set out my best china and silver tea pot for Ms. Campbell to talk about her new release, DAYS OF RAKES AND ROSES (love the title, Ms. C.!) but wait there's more...she's offering a GIVEAWAY of her new book so read on...

Hi Alison! Thank you so much for having me as your guest today.

I’ve got a new North American release this week (hoping to get it into Australia and New Zealand in the near future). My e-novella DAYS OF RAKES AND ROSES from Grand Central Forever Yours has been billed as “Sons of Sin” 1.5. I think this is so cute – like it’s trying to squeeze in on the sofa.

Hey, I’m a writer, I don’t get out much! And in a way this novella is trying to squeeze in – it’s the delicious little appetizer between two big feasts, the gothic drama of SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUES’ BED and the (hopefully) sexy games of A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS which comes out at the end of August.

Here’s the Amazon link for DAYS OF RAKES AND ROSES.  It’s available at the bargain price of 99 cents!

And here’s the blurb:
Lady Lydia Rothermere has spent the past decade trying to make up for a single, youthful moment of passion. Now the image of propriety, Lydia knows her future rests on never straying outside society's rigid rules; but hiding away the desire that runs through her is harder than she could have ever dreamed. Now as Lydia prepares for a marriage that will suit her family, but not her heart, Lydia must decide what's more important: propriety or passion?

Simon Metcalf is a rake and adventurer. But for all his experience, nothing can compare to the kiss he stole from the captivating Lydia Rothermere ten years ago. Simon can scarcely believe he's about to lose the one woman he's never forgotten. The attraction between them is irresistible, yet Lydia refuses to forsake her engagement. With his heart on the line, will Simon prove that love is a risk worth taking?

You can read an excerpt on my website here:

This story is unashamedly romantic. It’s about the reunion of star-crossed childhood sweethearts, Lady Lydia Rothermere and Simon Metcalf, after ten years apart.

I think the title’s very romantic. Even more, that gorgeous pink cover really conveys the lush emotions of this book. Look at the scattered roses and the melting body language. If he doesn’t kiss her in the next five seconds, I think we’re ALL going to combust!

I’ve had some beautiful covers in my time, but I think this is one of the nicest. I love how the people at Grand Central Publishing really try to match the tone of the books – and the colouring of the characters too. Lydia is my first redhead and Simon is one of those golden blonds, a bit like Anthony Andrews in THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL movie.

In fact, Simon will make it two blond heroes in a row – up until now, my only blond hero was the Marquess of Ranelaw in MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION. Sir Richard Harmsworth, the very Scarlet Pimpernelish hero of A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS, my next release, is another blond.

Clearly, I’m going to be working my pictures of Anthony Andrews hard for the next few months! And again, it’s a beautiful cover!

So do you like your heroes dark and dangerous or blond and shiny? Do you have a favorite blond hero from a romance? Who’s your favorite blond man? Robert Redford? Brad Pitt? Baryshnikov? Do blonds have more fun?

Anna has a download of DAYS OF RAKES AND ROSES for a commenter from North America today and as a consolation prize for our international visitors, a download of her ghostly romance THESE HAUNTED HEARTS for a commenter from outside America. Please let us know where you’re from when you comment and good luck! 


(Interesting topic, Anna...I am not immune to the charms of the blonde haired hero - Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe won me over completely as the tall, blonde and dangerous to know guy and let's not forget David Wenham in Sea Change or (be still my fluttering heart) Rupert Penrys-Jones in anything...but most particularly in Sense and Sensibility as Captain Wentworth. Tall, blonde AND wearing a stock and riding boots!)