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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Where in the world is Carmen Santiago?

Do you remember playing that game in the early days of computers?  It was one I played with my kids and we loved it. 

Well this is just a variation...Where in the world is Alison Stuart...?

The steamer trunk is packed and I'm off on my travels.  I am hoping that time and internet connections will allow me the occasional post but if I'm strangely silent for a couple of weeks you will know it is not that I am ignoring you...

Now guess where I am going? I can't wait to see this wonderful Rembrandt...

до свидания



  1. Bon Voyage!!
    I loved that computer game too - I think I had more fun than the kids ;)
    Now I'm off to Google that painting and see if I can work out where you are!

  2. Aha! St Petersburgh Russia. Have a wonderful time!