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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Historical Heroes

Next Monday April 1 (US time), my historical time travel, SECRETS IN TIME is released.

There will be an "online" launch party on my Facebook page on Tuesday 2 April 7.00 pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time. To join the fun, come over and "Like" my HERE.  The theme of the party is "Historical Heroes".

In a departure from my darker themed books, SECRETS IN TIME, is a lighthearted look at love through time, although there is a darker reason for Nat's time travelling... 

When a seventeenth-century cavalier hurls himself over her garden wall, Doctor Jessica Shepherd is more angry than surprised. Although she ís no stranger to military re-enactors, there ís something different about Nathaniel Preston. If he ís to be believed, something…or someone…has sent him forward in time from the midst of a civil war to the quiet English countryside of the twentieth century.

With time working against them, Nathaniel has to convince Jessica why fate brought them together before he ís forced to return to his own era and certain death in battle.

Can the strength of love overcome all obstacles, even time itself?

Because I am now a certified time traveller I am inviting a few heroes of history (real and fictional) to the party. Because SECRETS IN TIME is based on the English Civil War and that is my favourite historical period, I need look no further than these two gentlemen.

Timothy Dalton as Prince Rupert in CROMWELL
Top of my list is, of course, PRINCE RUPERT OF THE RHINE. Nephew of King Charles I, Rupert was the quintessential "cavalier" - young, dashing, charming and devastatingly handsome. His dashing nature was his undoing in battle with his hot headed cavaliers bursting upon the enemy and then disappearing off the battlefield in hot pursuit of the fleeing enemy or the baggage train, never to return to the field of battle. He  fought valiantly for his uncle, only to have King Charles turn on him after he was forced through military necessity to surrender the city of Bristol, thus losing control of the west of England. 
While I am on the subject of English Civil War heroes, my own personal historical hero is SIR THOMAS FAIRFAX. "Black Tom" was the antithesis of Rupert. Tall, dark, grave but, like Rupert, a brilliant leader. His story is often overshadowed by Oliver Cromwell.  I fell in love with him when I first read Rosemary Sutcliff's RIDER OF THE WHITE HORSE. 

To read a short story I wrote about Sir Thomas Fairfax (THE PETITION) click HERE
Dougray Scott as Sir Thomas Fairfax in TO KILL A KING
So Rupert and Tom will be coming to my launch party, whether they like it or not (I am sure Rupert will have a ball). Just so I can get the guest list spot on...I am looking for other suggestions of historical heroes.

Which Historical Hero (real or fictional) would like to invite to the party?

(For more information and to read an excerpt from SECRETS IN TIME, click HERE)