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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paws for Reflection - Guest Post Nicole Hurley-Moore

In this month's "Paws for Reflection" I have author Nicole Hurley-Moore as my guest poster.

As a bit of a fan of time travel stories (watch this space for news on my next release SECRETS IN TIME), I am currently reading Nicole's UNTIL THE STARS BURN COLD and loving it but back to writers and our inseperable muses. In the interests of equality...a dog story. Over to you, Nicole...

We have a dog, his name is Hercules and he’s about twelve years old. I say about, because we aren’t exactly sure of his birth date. My husband rescued him. Hercules had been mistreated and his original ‘owner’ had threatened to get rid of him (and not in a I’m taking him to an animal shelter way.) I don’t know what breed is, I’m guessing he’s a Border Collie cross. So, Hercules became a part of the family as soon as he walked through the door and the children have grown up alongside him. He is very loyal, quiet and sedate. But my youngest daughter has wanted a ‘little dog’ for a very long time. For years we have said no, and that one dog is enough. But finally, last year we gave in.


So when we bought this... see above... fuzzy, white pooch for our daughter, little did we know that we were not introducing an angelic marshmallow into our home, but a demonic hell queen from the seventh strata of the netherworld. Queen Hayley has usurped power and we are now living in servitude. All who oppose her will are gutted, beheaded and shredded before their eyes... well, at least that’s what happened to her squeaky toys. Destroyer of high heels, slayer of socks and demolisher of all in her path... all hail the queen!

Okay, well maybe she’s not demonic, but just very naughty... and really, really cute.

When I’m not pandering to Hayley, I write historical and paranormal romances. Misrule’s Mistress will be released this Christmas (20th December). It’s a medieval story which is centred around the twelve days of Christmas, ending with the Feast of Misrule.

Thanks so much Alison for inviting me to drop by.

Nicole  x

Find out more about Nicole at: 

Nicole's debut novel UNTIL THE STARS RUN COLD is available at Amazon

Forbidden love. In ancient Persia, Jinn is cursed into a ring as punishment for daring to love the wrong woman. Empires crumble, centuries pass and Jinn is still a captive of the ring. That is until present day antiques dealer, Mia Templeton accidentally releases him.

** I apologise for the sideways picture of Hayley! Nothing I could do would make the picture sit straight but it was such a lovely picture that I put it up...Hayley the Sideways Dog