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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An Australian Abroad Day 2: Shopping

There is a slight chance my darling husband (DH) may be following my adventures in Wonderland so: "Hi, Honey! I did a little shopping today! Just one or two things. Only spent 6 hours at the South Coast Mall..." There was the little matter of the new dress I need for the Saturday night RITA Awards. I am attending as the "date" for my friend Fiona Lowe whose book, BOOMERANG BRIDE is a finalist in the Contemporary Single Title category. BOOMERANG BRIDE was one of my favourite reads this year so I am keeping everything crossed for her (and a bottle of champers on choice...I don't have a fridge)!

Alison aids the ailing American economy!
In my defence last time I attended a RW America Conference (New Orleans 2001), the Australian dollar was worth .57c. I could barely afford a souvenir fridge magnet, now I just see it as my civic duty to help our noble American allies in their hour of need. My next challenge is going to be getting the two bags I will now be carrying back on the plane!

Fortunately I had a willing ally in Sandra Allen who seemed quite happy to keep me company :-)

The Antipodean contingent has been drifting in over the last couple of days and we gathered in the bar of the Marriott this evening for drinks and a catch up. Needless to say Margaritas both liquid and pizzacal were consumed. Compared to New Orleans where there was less than 10 of us, there is a large, noisy representation from down under this watch this space.

Australia NZ detente....Alison with NZ writer Yvonne Lindsay
Tomorrow the conference begins for me with the "Beau Monde" mini conference (the Regency afficionados) and soiree (the costume came with me!). So for now, your roving Anaheim reporter is signing out ready for a 7.30 am start.

Meanwhile some photos from the last few days...

Spot the Aussie
Cars...Cars everywhere. Never even seen the movie!